About Shiraleah

25 years of stylish living

For over 25 years Chicago based lifestyle-design company, Shiraleah (she-ra-lay-ah), continually provides an extensive range of affordable, trend-driven fashion accessories and home décor for boutiques and retailers nationwide.

Shiraleah began importing Vietnamese handicrafts in mid 1990s and promoted its products through the gift industry. Since then Shiraleah has emerged as a leader in its category, bridging the gap between classic and street style, while incorporating a global twist to their collection through color and material.

Shiraleah strives to develop a line that is both functional and fashionable, focusing on a unique ability to execute high-end elements, unmatched quality and expansive variety without the high price tag.

Our impeccably designed vegan leather bags are developed with the utmost care. Made from materials such as animal-friendly, pvc-free, low impact Poly Urethane (PU), produced according to strict European Green Emissions Standards. There is minimal toxic output during production of this material compared to leather tanning. The use of no-impact dyes and low emissions further reduce harm on the environment.

Be Aware! We Are!

Share our Conscientiousness for our environmental impact

PVC vs. PU

Polyvinyl Chloride is a synthetic material that goes through a multi-step chemical process eventually causing a harsh effect on the environment.

Polyurethane is a synthetic material that is naturally softer and feels more like leather. Since it does not need to go through that same chemical process as PVC, PU is more durable.

Reclaimed Materials

In Shiraleah's vast collection of home décor, beauty is found in objects that are normally cast aside.

Reclaimed wood from fence posts, railway ties, and fallen trees experience new life as exquisitely crafted candleholders and charming picture frames while exclusive trend-driven bags are designed with the utmost care.

Bags that Benefit


Shiraleah donates 3% of all purchases from its "Bags That Benefit" collection to a center for disabled children in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The funds donated to this center aid in improving children's diets and health-care options. "We believe in protecting the environment and ensuring living wages," says Robert Hoffman, president. "In addition, we believe in giving back."

Rather than mass-producing the bags, Shiraleah works closely with a cottage industry that employs family businesses to handcraft the bags in clean, healthy environments.



Having already gained praise from major national publications including InStyle, The Oprah Magazine, Glamour, Self and Woman's World, among others, Shiraleah continues to grow in popularity and create innovative designs season after season.

You can find Shiraleah in major retailers such as Nordstrom and Anthropologie.